Aug 24, 2015- Los Angeles - ,

I was born on the cusp. Some would say I’m Gen X. Some would say Baby Boomer. Whichever it is, my youth was much different from that of my 11-year-old twins, who, by the way, are also on the cusp – between Millennial and Gen Z. I’m biracial, and grew

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It’s Not Easy Being Evergreen

Aug 4, 2015 -

(Note: This post originally appeared on the PNConnect blog) At PNConnect, we’re proponents of the hub-and-spoke model of brand publishing: owning a central content channel like a brand blog, and using social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) as channels that funnel followers back to the hub. This helps ensure that

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5 Great Quotes From VidCon

Jul 30, 2015 -

(Originally posted on the Jack’s Garage blog) Last week I attended VidCon the online video conference for creators, fans and brands. I was most amazed by the throngs of screaming fans – nearly 20,000 of them – throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. Everywhere I went there were fans, primarily young

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