Is there such thing as a regional program?

Apr 24, 2015- Mexico City -

I have spent the past two years traveling through Latin America, deeply understanding the culture and the Public Relations landscape in the different countries and talking to many clients, journalists and employees.   In a region that has more than 35 countries including the Caribbean islands, that speaks different languages

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Turn It Upside Down

Apr 22, 2015- Washington DC -

(Note: This post was originally published on the Jack’s Garage blog) Creative briefs are often littered with statistics – XX% believes, Y% says, ZZ% does. Used to describe audiences and situations in terms that are wholly un-creative. Or so I thought until I heard Jack McGoldrick talk on NPR’s Here

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Introduction to Content Recommendation Engines

Apr 21, 2015 -

Native advertising is the next step in the evolution of the “advertorial” — an article in a print publication that’s written by a sponsor rather than the publication’s in-house team. Native advertising brings advertorials to the digital space, making them more sophisticated and useful with finely tuned targeting capabilities. Recently,

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PR Measurement Made Simple

Apr 20, 2015- Washington DC -

In the last year, I’ve had more clients wanting measurement than ever before. In many ways, this is a good thing. Robust, thoughtful, replicable measurement ensures that we’ve got the information we need to make smart program decisions. But now we have another problem. Data is being seen as an

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