Porter Novelli

Marketers are establishing strong relationships with mommy bloggers for general market campaigns because they are strong influencers within their family, friends and the community around them. Brands interested in expanding their influencer base should reach out to the growing number of U.S. Hispanic mommy bloggers. One out of five moms in the U.S. is Hispanic, and they are driving the growth of U.S. Hispanic purchasing power of $1 trillion.  But, please note that cultural relevancy is essential in reaching out to them because “mami blogueras” speak English, Spanish or both,  and may have different family values and beliefs based on their years of living in the U.S.

U.S. Hispanic mommy bloggers focus on sharing brand information, reviewing products, communicating with each other and offering advice. They have established themselves in the U.S. Hispanic online community as experts, influencers and friends. Their willingness to share personal stories and ideas in Spanish, English or Spanglish results in a solid following of readers who can relate to them.

Following the panel, Jennifer James, founder of Mom Blogger club, shared with us that U.S. Hispanic mommy bloggers are welcomed within the blogger community but also operate in their own way because of the community they’ve built for their audience. Their general purpose is to share valuable content on a consistent basis in their blogs for their audience with information that resonates with the Hispanic community. The value for brands in working with a U.S. Hispanic mommy blogger is a relationship with an influencer as a brand advocate and the opportunity to build awareness amongst their following.

When brands are looking to engage in Hispanic blogger outreach, there is a hit list of items to look for:

  • Great original content created
  • Consistency with at least 2-3 posts a week
  • Well written posts in English, Spanish or Spanglish to build reader engagement via comments


Brands looking to execute a Hispanic social media campaign should include a U.S. Hispanic blogger engagement.  Besides the fact that your message will reach well beyond the scope of the blog, this also means that other influencers in their communities will help disseminate it.

Here is a final thought from panelist Leslie Maines: https://www.yousendit.com/download/eURDb3BBMm1waFN4dnc9PQ