Porter Novelli

Marketers, is your business Hispanic ready?

It’s time to pay close attention and learn how the U.S. Hispanic population growth is changing the landscape for brands in 2011 and the future. Finally, the 2010 Census numbers have been released and the numbers don’t lie – there’s a new, very digital savvy, younger demographic in town, Hispanics.

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. representing nearly 51 million of the population — a 42 percent increase from the previous Census in 2000. The results serve as an eye-opener for many brands, but come as no surprise to Hispanic marketing experts who predicted the numbers would draw attention to the market’s growth in consumer and political power. In addition, Hispanics are strongly making an impact in several industries, including technology, food and nutrition and healthcare.

In our latest issue of our Amplify report, “Census: It’s All in the Numbers,” we explore how to effectively engage Hispanics, in particular in the areas of food and beverage and health care.

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