Porter Novelli

With Hispanic Heritage Month starting this week, and in anticipation of the 2012 presidential elections, marketing professionals and savvy companies are establishing a renewed interest in reaching the nation’s fastest growing demographic.

In the five months since the release of the 2010 Censusnumbers, I have seen an impressive increase in marketing efforts targeting the Hispanic market, with many brands reaching out directly to the younger, digitally connected consumers within this market.

However, traditional Spanish language media remains very important to the acculturated U.S.- born Hispanics. Several studies show audience increases in television, radio and magazines, with relatively stable circulation numbers in newspapers. Brands that acknowledge bilingual, acculturated Hispanics – and know where to reach them – will generate a strong and loyal relationship with an extremely engaged market.

Many brands will use Hispanic Heritage Month as a springboard to pilot new campaigns they hope will resonate with this audience.  We invite you to share how you’ve engaged with this important demographic throughout the month. Who have you tried to reach? What’s made a lasting impression?

This year’s theme: “Many Backgrounds, Many Stories…One American Spirit”