Porter Novelli

The good thing about SXSW is the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people from various industries. The festival mixes interactive, music and film audiences in quite a unique way. During your endless walks from session to session at the festival, you encounter people whose interests or jobs are somehow intertwined.

And so it was that I met Beverly W. Jackson, director of marketing, strategic alliances and social media for The Recording Academy, which organizes the GRAMMY Awards. This year’s GRAMMY Awards were hugely successful. According to the ratings, almost 40 million U.S. viewers watched them.  Beverly has a tough job managing social media globally, but as she puts it, if you focus your efforts across multiple platforms and work toward engaging audiences on several screens – TV, tablets and mobile – the results can be surprising. But it’s a 24/7 shift.

Beverly speaks about the “secret” formula behind the success of this year’s GRAMMY Awards: