Porter Novelli

News Engine from Microsoft Latin America, at Porter Novelli Latin America, won in the “Best Brand Journalism/Content Marketing” of PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards 2013.

Microsoft, as many large companies, has so many products, and it never stops generating news, ever. In any other situation, with a lower flow of information, a normal communications team could keep up with this pace through by distributing numerous press releases or through a single corporate blog. However, for Microsoft, an editorial process is required, similar to that of any typical newsroom, in order to deliver this huge amount of information to the media and the people interested in technology.  It also ensures delivery of a consistent message that consolidates a single story for the brand.

Information, that is. A key part of this process is to deliver information and content, not only marketing or advertising messages. Digital properties and content creation —press releases, infographics, video, etc., —should always be linked to a narrative, not only to a key message.

During its three years of operations, the News Engine Team from Microsoft Latin America, at Porter Novelli Latin America offices, has focused on creating a media dynamic to communicate Microsoft’s information across the region (17 Spanish-speaking countries) and to an audience of nearly 300 million inhabitants.

Porter Novelli supported Microsoft with this initiative of going from the traditional PR scheme of sharing press releases and information with media, to a model where integrated narratives are being built, and stories are being created, whether the subject is a new product or service, or how youth is being supported all over the world with Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative.

We have created a strong set of digital properties for publication and amplification:

– News Center (Web Site)
– Microsoft en Español (Blog)
– Windows para América Latina (Blog)
– Facebook Microsoft Latinoamérica
– Twitter  @MicrosoftLatam

We have changed traditional information dynamics with a focus on marketing and advertising, prioritizing relevant information as if it were an information outlet. We have also changed the process for content approval in order to maintain agility and become like “the media” in every sense of the word. We work without having to wait for approvals, except in special circumstances.

All this translates into robust traffic, exceeding that of several large regional media. We are a source and reference for technology journalists. Our small team generates more than 65 pieces of content every month, localizes corporate content from Redmond, generates local information and serves as a channel for the subsidiaries.

We treat Microsoft’s information as news, and that makes the difference. From monthly and weekly meetings to those we have every morning to prioritize the information we will publish on the cover of our News Center.

It’s news, not messages. That’s how we communicate.