Porter Novelli

Men and women behave differently on the social web, as Porter Novelli showed in 2012 with a groundbreaking report Men are from Foursquare, Women are from Facebook.

Understanding these behaviors helps brands and organizations engage effectively with their audiences, and so Porter Novelli’s digital marketing team, PNConnect, has just released its latest findings as a new infographic, The Digital Gender Divide

Analyzing data from our agency’s in-depth PNStyles research, based on interviews with more than 6,000 Americans, we found that:

  •  Women dominate Facebook: 59% of American women are active users compared with 46% of men.
  • The gender gap is even more pronounced on Pinterest: 17% of women canvassed are Pinterest fans, compared with just 3% of men.
  • Men are less frequent users of social media. Only 35% visit social networks at least once a day, compared with 47% of women.
  • Men are also less likely to post to friends pages – 22% say they often do so, compared with 33% of women.

The Digital Gender Divide is the latest in our series of Infographics about online behavior, Digital Demographics USA. We are using these insights to help deliver effective digital publishing programs for our clients. To find out more, contact helen.nowicka@porternovelli.com.