Porter Novelli

I had every intention of writing this as a simple listicle. Something along the lines of Top 5 Ads of Super Bowl Sunday or Super Bowl Ads that Moved Me. But honestly, I couldn’t find enough material in the four hours that I viewed to fill the space. As a marketing professional and recovering ad gal, I look forward to the annual event. In fact, as my husband will attest, I don’t allow talking during Super Bowl commercial breaks – only during the game itself.

Up until this year, I have always found something to love. Who doesn’t remember 2010’s Snickers “Playing like Betty White”  or 2009’s Volkswagen “The Force”.

This year there were more misses than hits. I can’t point to any truly break-through, category-altering moments.  There was nothing particularly surprising or delightful – nothing that people at work were talking about. I observed some interesting trends in the critics’ top picks – many of which also are the fan favorites:

  1. Sentimentality and American Pride never seem to go out of style. Add in a great track and your well on your way to the top.
    Budweiser’s “Best Buds”   Chrysler’s “America’s Import” 
  2. Diversity can be celebrated without feeling gratuitous or solicitous.
    Cheerios’ “Gracie” Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful
  3. Nostalgia and humor make good bedfellows. And, again, a great track doesn’t hurt.
    TurboTax’s “Love Hurts”  Radio Shack’s “The Phone Call”
  4. Auto advertising shouldn’t be formulaic.
    Volkwagen’s “Wings”  Hyundai’s “Sixth Sense”

While interesting, I miss the feeling that I saw something totally new and exciting. Here’s hoping that Super Bowl XLIX can deliver. Until then, there’s always the Oscars.