Porter Novelli

According to PNStyles data, 4% of Americans remain Anti-Vaxers and Strongly Disagree with the statement I am confident in the safety of routine childhood vaccinations. However, there is positive news! In our 2014 data, we see an increase in those at the opposite end of the spectrum, with 59% now Strongly agreeing with the statement above (an increase of 2 percentage points from 2013) which is meaningful with this large sample. Most of this pro-vaxer movement came from those who previously said “neither agree nor disagree.” In political jargon, we’d call this the swing group and that’s about 4 million adults who will hopefully think more deeply about this issue.

Pro-Vaxers tend to be:

  • Higher income (75k+)
  • Actively manage their health (likely trust their dr. and seek multiple sources of info)
  • Married and college degreed
  • Interestingly, ethnic minority groups and multiracial respondents are much more likely to be in that middle “neither agree, nor disagree” group to the tune of about 10-12 percentage points. They are not necessarily anti, they just need more convincing
  • Those who do not have health insurance are twice as likely to feel vaccines are unsafe

Porter Novelli Styles is our proprietary longitudinal research program designed to understand the ongoing lifestyle trends, drivers and opinions of Americans. This representative survey, conducted using the GfK KnowledgePanel®, surveys more than 6,000 Americans per year and is weighted to the Census’ CPS to be representative of the US Population.  Data from consumers is collected 3 times per year (Spring, Summer and Fall) and PNStyles also includes samples of Doctors  and Tweens (12-17) once per year, as well as Estilos – a sample of Hispanic consumers in the US. Please contact me if you’d like more information about what’s on Styles.