Porter Novelli

According to PNStyles data, 97% of all adult Americans have some type of hobby or interest, and here’s a list of the most and least popular.

Most Popular Hobbies

Watching Movies at Home 64%
Listening to Music 60%
Eating Out 59%
Reading 54%
Surfing the Internet 37%
Playing Computer/Video Games 34%
Cooking/Baking for Fun 34%

Least Popular Hobbies

Scrapbooking 7%
Sewing 11%
Going to Nightclubs/Bars 11%
Gambling/Casino 14%
Photography 14%
Going to the Theater/Symphony 15%

Porter Novelli Styles is our proprietary longitudinal research program designed to understand the ongoing lifestyle trends, drivers and opinions of Americans. This representative survey, conducted using the GfK KnowledgePanel®, surveys more than 6,000 Americans per year and is weighted to the Census’ CPS to be representative of the US Population.  Data from consumers is collected 3 times per year (Spring, Summer and Fall) and PNStyles also includes samples of Doctors  and Tweens (12-17) once per year, as well as Estilos – a sample of Hispanic consumers in the US.