Porter Novelli

In our continuing “On Workflow” series, we hear how Connectors and clients tackle their day and get things done. This month, we talk to Jennifer Laker, Senior Project Manager at PNConnect.

What are your essential apps and tools?

The tools that I find most valuable allow me to collaborate with co-workers and clients efficiently and in real time:

  • Slack – For culture-building and immediate feedback/collaboration.
  • Google Docs – Real-time collaboration in documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Adium – IM/chat aggregation (although Slack has Direct Message capability).
  • Task Paper – For personal note taking and task management. I set up each day separately in Task Paper and then create daily to-do’s from there. I’ve also personalized the Bullet Journal system as a way to keep notes and manage tasks in a lightweight, simple format.
  • Spotify – A girl needs her jams! I also like to lurk and see what my coworkers and friends are jamming out to. Disclaimer: If you choose to follow me, remember this is a judgment-free zone.

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