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Will Facebook Pose A Threat To Amazon and Google With Shoppable Pages?
(ClickZ, 7/17/15)

PNConnect Insight – This move falls within Facebook’s larger strategy to be the entire Internet experience for its users, rather than just their first destination. Still, Facebook isn’t about to go directly head-to-head against Amazon, managing inventories and offering products from multiple retailers. Instead, this is an opportunity for brands to acquire new customers and paths to them — aided by Facebook, which wants to incentivize users to stay within the Facebook network for as long as possible.


YouTube Growing Fast: Viewing Time Is Up 60% Since Last Year
(Fast Company, 7/16/15)

PNConnect Insight – Before anyone writes YouTube off in the face of Facebook’s aggressive moves in video, consider this: More people now watch YouTube on mobile devices than watch video on any U.S. cable network. YouTube is still the granddaddy of digital video, so don’t put all your video eggs in the Facebook basket.

And The Winner Of Social Media Is… Victoria’s Secret
(ClickZ, 7/20/15)

PNConnect Insight – It may seem unfair to compete against a brand like Victoria’s Secret, which can offer particularly entertaining content. But they — and the other brands in this survey — go above and beyond to leverage the unique strengths of each particular platform. IBM and GE are excelling at B2B Instagram, Pepsi is excelling at YouTube, Ford and Verizon are excelling at Tumblr, and more. Take a look at the programs of each of the companies in this report, and see what you can learn about reaching audiences on specific platforms.

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