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Moments, The Best Of Twitter In An Instant

(Twitter Blog, 10/6/15)

PNConnect Insight – Moments, sometimes referred to as “Lightning,” has been talked about and teased by Twitter for months; it’s finally here. Essentially, Moments is a simple way to organize the chaos that is Twitter around a specific event or story (for example, the #superbloodmoon last month, or the Umpqua shootings, or the MLB playoffs). Moments are curated collections of tweets, images, videos, anything you can find on Twitter about a specific topic. They’re similar to Snapchat Discover, except you follow stories instead of brands. Moments are an entry point for people who’d otherwise waste time furiously refreshing their timeline; far more importantly, they’re a way to use Twitter for people who don’t understand or know Twitter at all. This is a big step for Twitter in trying to make the service more friendly to the casual user. For brands, it’s a way to more easily find the context around trending topics and events, and to look for ways to be part of those conversations.


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