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A Lot Of People Tweeted About The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

(Entertainment Weekly, 10/20/15)

PNConnect Insight – The stats are mind boggling: 17,000 tweets per minute during the trailer’s debut. Don’t think that fans were the only ones paying attention; every brand in the world was observing the enthusiasm and cultural connectedness Star Wars generated and is already thinking of ways to tie their brand to the excitement during the week of the movie’s premiere in December. There’s nothing wrong with that; leveraging pop culture touchstones is a great way for brands to connect with their audiences on a more relatable level. But the race is on to see which brands will be truly creative and find genuine, “on brand” ways to tie themselves to Star Wars that land with their audiences, and which will be lazy or uncreative and make ham-handed attempts to capitalize that fall flat and don’t resonate. Prediction: at least three brands will absolutely nail it and do something brilliant… and at least ten brands will flop spectacularly.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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