Porter Novelli

Global public relations leader Porter Novelli announced that CARE, a leading global poverty fighting organization, has been chosen as the agency’s cause partner. CARE was chosen due to its unwavering commitment to lasting change in the world’s most vulnerable communities, its focus on women and girls and its global footprint and overlay with Porter Novelli offices.

At CARE’s 2016 annual conference, Porter Novelli’s global CEO Brad MacAfee announced the multi-year partnership and shared the agency’s commitment to supporting CARE and its mission.

“Porter Novelli has a long history of taking on big social challenges,” said Brad MacAfee, CEO, Porter Novelli. “CARE’s work to fight global poverty and make the world a better place aligns with our passions as an agency. We are honored to work with an organization with such a bold mission.”

CARE was chosen following a survey of Porter Novelli’s global staff that identified an interest in supporting the health, education and safety of women and children across the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Porter Novelli as we celebrate our 70th year of fighting poverty across the globe,” said Michelle Nunn, CARE president and CEO. “We see a great intersection with CARE’s mission and Porter Novelli’s history of change-making – together we will do great things!”

Porter Novelli’s initial efforts will include developing an inspiring brand narrative and partnering to develop a behavior change campaign that can be implemented across the globe. Additionally, this partnership with CARE will provide Porter Novelli employees across the world with opportunities for direct engagement and volunteering.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of ONE HUNDRED (www.onehundredagency.com), a multi-disciplinary offering to connect the nonprofit sector with leading experts in brand reputation, marketing and fundraising from across the DAS portfolio of brands. The fully integrated service collective, of which Porter Novelli is a founding member, will address the growing needs of the nonprofit sector, which today represents one of the largest and most vibrant industries in the country.