Porter Novelli

This message originally appeared in a worldwide Porter Novelli staff email.

During the last year, I have resisted sharing political views in all-staff emails and avoided posts on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  I have done this to honor and respect the varied points of view and political positions of our team members and clients.  I’ve always wanted to ensure that our culture is inclusive and accepting of differing thoughts and opinions.

However, over the past 11 days, the actions of the new U.S. administration have created a great deal of unrest and uncertainty—here in America and around the world. As a global organization with a heritage of social good, we must recognize the political reverberations extend far beyond U.S. borders and are not simply political.

Recent actions have affected PN colleagues and team members around the world on a personal level in a myriad of ways. Many of these actions are contrary to our values as an organization.

At Porter Novelli, we welcome—and actively seek—differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs and political views.  Our core values of collaborating fiercely, digging deeply, liberating greatness, standing for the right idea, embracing imagination and making a positive impact are all enhanced and enabled when we embrace diversity. 

Diversity drives our creativity and innovation.  It is what has inspired this organization for 45 years, as we’ve taken on some of the world’s greatest challenges including poverty, women’s rights, civil and human rights, LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, ALS awareness, supporting refugees, and so much more.  It’s also why we cannot be silent in word or deed when the rhetoric and actions run counter to these values. 

Many of you have been taking action personally, supporting walks, attending rallies, contacting your elected officials, donating to causes, or simply sharing your points of view on social channels.  Leading organizations, too, have been taking action.  Starbucks announced it will hire 10,000 refugees.  Lyft pledged $1M to the ACLU.  Airbnb, Apple, GE, Google, Tesla and others are participating in various ways. 

At Porter Novelli, our greatest opportunity to commit to our values is through our talents—by helping organizations increase awareness, change behavior and raise funds to make an impact.  This moment in time feels like an important opportunity for us to again rise together as an agency and demonstrate the power of our values to help people around the globe who are suffering or need our help. 

Today, we are pledging our continued commitment to make a positive difference across the world, particularly for our fellow global citizens.  For those of you compelled or moved to get involved, please participate in the following opportunities:

1) CARE– CARE is Porter Novelli’s global cause partner.  Last year, we selected CARE because of the organization’s mission to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.  Additionally, CARE provides protection to the most vulnerable refugees, a program we are hoping to provide our support through our services. Please reach out to Anna Okula at anna.okula@porternovelli.com to learn about the opportunities to support CARE directly and in your region.

2) Get Involved in Local Human Rights Causes – Many of our offices support non-profit organizations focused on human rights.  If there is a cause you recommend we support, please let your managing director know.

These actions align with our core values and our heritage as a communications company that is always up for a challenge to make a positive difference in society.