For the fourth year in a row, our own Karen Ovseyevitz has been ranked among the “Most Powerful Women in Mexico” by Expansión, the top business magazine in Mexico.

This annual ranking recognizes women who are agents of change within their companies. These women prioritize inclusion, recognizing this ideology as a first step to open female opportunity in the corporate pyramid. Each year, these 100 women are brought together to break down barriers and revolutionize organizational structures.

“I am very proud of this great recognition. I have the privilege to work in an agency that supports women and encourages women to grow, learn and give their best while keeping a balanced life. I love my job, and being part of this list encourages me to continue the hard work and to be an example for all the women I work with every day.” – Karen Ovseyevitz

Those who work with her have described Karen as an amazing leader, a great professional, a forceful PN ambassador across Latin America and a truly remarkable woman who deserves this recognition.