The recent hate-filled events (like Charlottesville and the anti-diversity memo from the Google employee) cause many of us to say (in our heads and out loud), “Really?!” and “Is this happening again?”

Even though I have these feelings and thoughts to myself, I am very cautious about how much emotion I express at the office. It’s hard for me because, at the most basic level, I was raised in a conservative Korean household, where I was expected to sit still and stay quiet. That is still my tendency today. But aside from cultural proclivity, I just don’t want to stir up trouble or say the wrong thing.

However, ever since I returned from the fourth annual ColorComm Conference, I’ve been thinking I have a responsibility to be more vocal. Porter Novelli, along with other OPRG agencies FleishmanHillard and Ketchum, hosted a breakfast panel at the conference aptly titled, “Communications in the Age of Trump.” That session was an honest conversation about how we all feel some times and what we can do to advise our clients in this era. It was also a personal wakeup call that helped me understand that I have a responsibility to show others in my office that there are safe places to talk and voice our opinions. I also have a responsibility to speak up about how I feel about the wrongdoings that have been happening more and more often. I have a duty to stand up so other women of color in this industry can stand on my shoulders.

I’ll start by showing my support for our CEO’s message of no hate. I’ll wear my button proudly; I’ll post this — my first PN blog post; I’ll show my support for my colleagues who have the courage to speak up; and I’ll do what I can to be inclusive and encourage open dialogue through our office’s Diversity Alliance. Now, I ask you: What will you do, to do your part?