Practice Areas

Brand Marketing

Our Brand Marketing practice helps clients establish presence and preference for their products and brands. We help brands engage with consumers and build relationships that drive loyalty at every phase of a brand or product life cycle.  We specialize in brand building and repositioning, influencer outreach, product launches and integrated solutions. 

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs practice transforms clients’ relationships with shareholders, employees and the communities in which they do business. We take a comprehensive, long-term view that emphasizes the organizational behaviors needed to build sustained credibility. That can mean helping a client to embrace a corporate opportunity in a new market or helping a client prepare to manage risk.  Porter Novelli tells corporate stories in fresh ways and keeps messages aligned across stakeholder groups. We find the right channels to make a story resonate with each audience while using breakthrough tools that measure the strength of relationships — the intangible drivers of reputation. And in today’s world, where reputations can be destroyed in an instant, we use our proprietary suite of tools to analyze and manage reputations in real time.

Food, Drinks & Nutrition

Porter Novelli is deeply rooted in the food and nutrition community. In fact, we’re the agency that worked with the USDA to develop what would become the basis for one of the nation’s most successful public health education programs — the Food Pyramid. We have well-established relationships with the individuals and organizations that influence consumers’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to food and health. Since 1998, we have convened Food 3000, an annual conference designed to provide education opportunities and a forum for discussion about emerging trends, policies and research in food and nutrition. Attendance is by application, and attendees typically fall into one of three categories: nutrition communicators, supermarket consumer advisors and association leaders. Each year, event is held in a different city to advance the cultural and culinary understanding the drives global food and nutrition trends. Our team of expert communicators and registered dietitians helps clients devise intelligent strategies to introduce new products or line extensions against well-chosen market segments, including multicultural audiences. We are skilled in developing platforms that create a point of differentiation, establish strategic alliances and sponsorships, grow consumption and position brands for new growth segments.

Global Health & Wellness

Porter Novelli works on the front lines of the world’s most challenging health care issues. We’ve taught physicians and analysts about the benefits of new therapies. We’ve educated parents about prevention and treatments of childhood diseases. We’ve helped millions understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Porter Novelli Global Health & Wellness comprises some 300 experts in more than 30 cities worldwide. We share knowledge across borders, apply the best worldwide talent to client problems and manage business seamlessly across geographies. We believe that today’s health care marketing issues demand close attention by experienced senior managers who understand the dynamics of an extremely competitive health care world and by professionals who are experts in science, public policy and health care policy.


PNConnect is a global team of digital marketing specialists which spans 60 countries and brings the combined digital resources of our social media marketing, creative production, paid promotions and Web development capabilities together for one purpose - to help our clients share their stories with the world. Visit to learn more about our approach and services.

Public Affairs

Porter Novelli Public Affairs feeds political, policy and media expertise into a global network of experienced professionals with a track record of winning tough battles for a wide range of clients. Our collective wisdom and our network of public policy and media relationships give us an intimate understanding of today’s public affairs challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead. We’re skilled at managing tough, multifaceted campaigns where our clients’ messages were not readily apparent or where conventional wisdom assumed victory for the other side before the campaign had even begun. Whether it is a high profile issue in the U.S. Congress, a campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the value and contributions of a particular industry, or a global challenge to a product, our expertise is evidenced by our passion for winning and our track record of success.

Social Marketing

Porter Novelli pioneered social marketing nearly 40 years ago — the agency was founded in 1972 on the premise that we could apply the best practices of private sector marketing to achieve positive change on health and social issues. We have been proving that theory ever since, working with the largest private, public and governmental organizations in the country, and the world. Our Social Marketing practice has increased the nation’s uptake of fruits and vegetables. We’ve reduced the nation’s average blood cholesterol level. We’ve reduced smoking among youth. We’ve worked to increase protective behavior via HIV/AIDS education. And we partnered with the USDA to develop the original Food Pyramid. In addition to promoting healthy behavior change, Porter Novelli uses social marketing to influence public policy as well as advocacy, coalition building, alliance development and the adoption of regulatory and legislative initiatives to drive change.


With a relentless commitment to audience research and data immersion, Porter Novelli stays ahead of the latest developments and trends to help our clients drive technology adoption among their key audiences. Our Technology team of more than 350 experts worldwide has worked in a range of markets, including semiconductors, enterprise hardware, software, printing and imaging, wireless services and telecommunications, small business solutions, video games and home entertainment, and much more. We have helped make printing easier in the age of social media; introduced the first MP3 player; informed the public on how to keep their files safe and protected on storage devices; brought bundled telecommunications and wireless services to busy moms; and introduced technologies that help make our world a little greener.

Energy + Environment

A fundamental question facing leaders today is how to produce the goods and services that promote our quality of life while sustaining the resources and environment on which we depend. All stakeholders must be engaged in the dialogue, including employees, customers, partners and investors. Porter Novelli’s Energy + Environment practice focuses on the special requirements of this sector. We help traditional energy companies communicate their initiatives in renewable energy and sustainable business activities.

We work with cleantech companies on their positioning and market entry strategies and help drive their valuation by effectively telling their stories. We have extensive experience supporting various industry associations, academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental entities involved in energy and environment. Our heritage of addressing social issues with the objective of behavioral change, our deep understanding of the interdependency of the public and private sectors around this topic and our global reach provide the foundation for Porter Novelli’s leadership in strategic communications around Energy + Environment.

Multicultural Communications

In the last 10 years, the face of America has truly changed. Indeed, nearly half of the population under the age of 18 identifies as either African-American, Asian-American, U.S. Hispanic or LGBT. As a result of this demographic shift, it is incumbent upon brands to take a total market approach to their communications, and ensure that brands engage with each audience that falls under the multicultural rubric in ways that are culturally relevant. Porter Novelli’s Multicultural Communications practice develops insights-driven programs that address the specific needs of these communities, reflects their cultural and lifestyle nuances and establishes life-long relationships between brands and these consumers.

Specialty Services

Cause Marketing

Porter Novelli provides innovative cause-related marketing and strategic philanthropy solutions that positively impact corporations, brands and the causes they support. We work with clients to define a clear cause mission that expresses core brand values and serves as a filter for all cause-related investment. Our rigorous cause-screening process analyzes the internal and external factors related to the selection of a cause partnership. We work closely with experts and stakeholders in a given cause to identify targeted areas of need within that cause. This allows us to develop a program that demonstrates real success — moving the needle for the cause, not simply throwing dollars at a problem. And we ensure that cause-related marketing programs are closely aligned to the brand as well as to the hearts and minds of the consumers, employees and communities the brand serves.


Professional service firms, chemical manufacturers and software companies come to Porter Novelli because we know how to help them with the complexities of business-to-business marketing. We understand the unique challenges inherent in the market’s long sales cycles and fragmented decision-making, as well as the precise timing and delicate balance required of companies who not only sell to their customers, but often compete with them as well. Our deep understanding of the target audience — from CIO to CFO, functional division manager to product engineer — enables us to communicate third-party validation, deliver customer success stories, or build strong associations, through the communication tools that are most appropriate, from the traditional to the newest emerging digital and social media.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Relationships between stakeholders and brands are increasingly driven by a dialogue about values. Successful brands understand how to reorient their business proposition so that they deliver against a financial bottom line while sustaining a strong commitment to a fundamental social responsibility. In fact, a commitment to these values, expressed through ethical business practices, environmental stewardship, fair and equitable labor practices and community support, is the connective tissue that can engage employees, consumers, suppliers and business partners in a deeper relationship that will benefit both the brand and our society. Porter Novelli’s global team of corporate social responsibility and environmental experts offers deep expertise and insights across the broad spectrum of sustainable business practices for clients—from those who are just beginning to organize around these issues to those who have been “doing the right thing” but who need to successfully leverage that with their most important audiences.

Internal Communications

Smart companies recognize that employees are a competitive edge, and know that harnessing the power of an engaged workforce can help cut costs, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Internal communications, planned and executed correctly, can transform a workforce from disengaged and lethargic into engaged organizational ambassadors. But reaching internal audiences requires a sophisticated engagement strategy and insight into how and when to communicate. Porter Novelli’s strategic and holistic internal communications programs transform employees into ambassadors who champion brands, live company values and actively drive their businesses forward.

Media Relations

Porter Novelli helps our clients skillfully navigate an increasingly complex media ecosystem where everything – traditional, social and digital media — cross-pollinates. In today’s media environment, a discussion that starts on a Twitter feed or a Daily Beast blog post may pique the interest of a national daily. Or a “TODAY” show segment may spread virally through mommy bloggers and YouTube postings.   Our media experts understand the dynamics, and know how to drive clients’ stories to help achieve their business objectives.

Media Training

Today’s executives must cope with a 24/7 news environment that demands complete transparency.  Porter Novelli offers four media training modules that teach clients how to make various channels work to their advantage and provide the information that will connect with stakeholders.

Executive Messaging

We train senior executives to hone message development and delivery; manage corporate positioning; announce earnings; provide insights; and work with the media in good times and bad.

Trade Show Support

The information shared at a trade show can enter the public domain in a matter of minutes. Porter Novelli trains clients on how to interview at the booth; master the five-minute interview; prepare for the handheld close-up; and turn drive-by interviews into relationships.

Product Launches

We help clients create the context and content to deliver out-of-the-gate competitive differentiation and eliminate me-too comparisons. We share techniques for managing delays and help clients set their products apart by describing attributes in the language spoken by the media.

Social Networking

We educate clients on when it’s appropriate to bypass the traditional media filter. We teach clients how to interview via e-mail, understand a world that operates without embargoes or NDAs, perfect the art of casual conversation and connect through Twitter, blog follow-up and add-ons.

Real-Time Reputation

Porter Novelli’s Real-time Reputation Specialty is an end-to-end offering that includes everything from preemptive communications to programs that help restore corporate reputation after an incident. Our team of specialists in corporate communications and social media work with senior corporate and public affairs communicators to plan for adverse events and move rapidly – within minutes – to manage these events both online and off, employing both conventional and digital means to mitigate possible damage to corporate reputation.

One component of this specialty is “Porter Novelli Radar,” which provides clients with round-the-clock monitoring of the issues most important to them. Staffed by monitoring specialists, the made-for-speed hub tracks broadcast coverage and social and online conversations – as they happen – facilitating issues tracking, strategic counsel and reputation management in real time.

Porter Novelli Radar offers three services:

  • Real-time Tracking and Mitigation- Provides as-it-happens monitoring and reporting once a crisis situation, such as an environmental incident, employee misconduct or a digital security breach, is detected. Real-time reports are issued with recommendations for immediate strategic response.
  • Issues Monitoring - Ongoing monitoring of digital and traditional media for simmering and ongoing issues, such as litigation, product attacks, regulatory action and M&A activity.
  • Trend Analysis – Tracking the top influencers and news affecting an industry, organization or ongoing issue and offering interpretation gleaned from social, online, print and broadcast media coverage.