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Porter Novelli Iberia is the continuation of one of the pioneering PR Agencies in Spain, Comunicación Empresarial, founded in 1986. With 4 locations in Spain and Portugal, Porter Novelli Iberia represents more than 25 year experience in the Spanish and Portuguese market, together with the international know how. This allows us to develop innovative and strategic PR plans applying the latest communication trends, adapted to the customers’ specific needs.

We believe in a new way to understand the Public Relations. Our strategic vision of communications leads us to look for a creative 360⁰ approach beyond the PR traditional services. Our Know How is a legacy of our experience, research and analysis, and an in-depth knowledge of the different audiences that help us generate change in our client’s targets.

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With an approach that balances a global point of view with a whole business strategy, the Strategic Communications team builds from a deep understanding of what society, clients, employees and investors expect. The ultimate, guiding goal is to always create value for a client’s company, products and services by strengthen their position with all key stakeholders.


A company’s reputation and strength within a market hinges on its ability to build and convey stories that are true, unique and generate empathy. It is not about “selling” stories but about motivating, inspiring and gaining credibility through quality content. Porter Novelli helps brands create compelling, interconnected narratives, distributing those aligned stories across channels and media platforms to obtain engagement with stakeholders.


Knowing how to affect changes in the audience segments most capable of generating information, and whose opinions shape perception and opinion of a client, is the key to effective communication strategies. Porter Novelli has more than 30 years experience in building the relationships that allow us to engage key influencers, both online and offline.

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Higinio Martínez



Marta Úbeda

Director, Brand Marketing and Consumer


Jorge Fernández

Director, Corporate Reputation & Affairs

Alberto Estevez

Alberto Estévez

Director, Financial Communication & Public Affairs


Eva Toussaint

Technology Practice Leader

Brezo Rodriguez

Brezo Rodriguez

Tourism Practice Leader


Miguel Rubio

PNConnect Iberia Director, Online Marketing Practice Leader