From the ability to search for and filter by pretty much any specification, including a vegetarian’s favorite “manmade materials” to the animated cat that actually dive bombs the items I’ve selected into my cart, this app gets it right.

As a leader in e-commerce, Zappos dedicates a lot of time and attention to getting it right regardless of the platform or device. Apple and Google are continuously improving their operating systems and retailers like Zappos are grabbing every opportunity to provide a higher level of convenience and customized experience to their loyal app users.

But what struck me particularly with Zappos was the seamless continuation of my “delightful” experience when after “user error,” (attempting to use an expired credit card for my purchase) I ending up chatting with Adam, a member of their sales support team. The equation was simple: I was having an issue, and instead of a screen full of useless distractions, I was presented with just 2 options, to “Try Again” or to connect with a member of their sales support team. After one simple touch of my screen, Adam was there to help me.

The effortless flow of my experience from app to sales support made me realize…that great UX is simply an extension of great overall customer service. Think of your end user every step of the way. Engage UX professionals. Fight the urge to cut corners. Eliminate distractions and reduce steps. All of the conveniences and personal touches make this user feel, well, loved. Ok love is a strong word, so how about…appreciated, by Zappos.

What retailer apps do you think are getting it right?