Porter Novelli

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Testing New Ways to Make It Easier to Discover Products and Places
(Twitter Blog, 6/19/15)

PNConnect Insight – Twitter continues its efforts to make itself an attractive an option for retail and e-commerce. While only 41 brands are involved at the moment, they’re big names, and this is a pretty broad experiment. It’s not hard to imagine that these features will be rolled out more widely very soon. With these moves, Twitter seems to be appropriating the models of both Amazon and Pinterest.

Product pages are promising in that they will aggregate not only brand content but also other tweets about the product, reviews, and potentially “buy now” buttons that integrate retail directly into Twitter. Collections offer the intriguing prospect of products making it into a super-influencer’s collection: The celebrity endorsement and visibility would be an exciting brand achievement.


Wikipedia Pages of Star Clients Altered by P.R. Firm
(New York Times, 6/22/15)

PNConnect Insight – This is a good reminder, not only that it’s important to play by the rules when engaging on Wikipedia, but that PNConnect has some expertise in this area, having contributed to a landmark agency commitment to honor best practices. If you need guidance on making changes to Wikipedia, please drop us a line.

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