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Instagrammers Really Want You to Turn on Notifications to Avoid Death by Algorithm

(TechCrunch, 3/28/16)

PNConnect Insight – Instead of simply saying “follow us,” these accounts are asking that users allow updates into their notifications stream. Most of us are already drowning in notifications, so that’s a big step to take. As a content marketing manager, you may want to make a similar appeal to your Instagram audience. Instagram’s upcoming algorithmic change has the potential to bury your posts so fewer people see them, unless the posts reach a certain level of engagement. It can be hard to get that engagement, so getting people’s attention through push notifications is helpful.

Snapchat Adds A Boatload Of New Messaging Features

(Buzzfeed, 3/29/16)

PNConnect Insight – To see the full rundown of the new features, you can check out Snapchat’s Discover channel video (or scan the QR snap code below to watch). The updates include:


Via Poynter

  • Video notes: Send a 10 second video, looped to resemble a gif, including audio.
  • Send images during Snap Calls: Snapchat allows for video and audio calls, similar to Facetime, and now you have the ability to send images from your camera roll into your chat window.
  • Auto Advance Stories: Is your story list a never-ending scroll? Now you don’t have to manually tap on each one. Start at the top of your list, and as soon as one story is done, the next one will start.
  • Stickers: There are now over 200 available. Some even pop up based on what you type in your private chat, like “stress” or “food.”

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