Porter Novelli

NEW YORK, May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Global public relations leader Porter Novelli (PN) hosted 10 delegates of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME), in New York City as part of the group’s U.S. business tour. CASME is comprised of 10,000 members representing various industries across China, including finance, real estate, media, technology and healthcare. The association is part of the State Council of China.

The CASME delegates, led by Mr. Shen Guofang, former Chinese ambassador to the United Nations and former spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China and Amy Xu, deputy secretary general, CASME visited three cities on its week-long tour of the U.S.: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The group sought to explore growth opportunities in the U.S. and further understand the American business climate. Nine of Porter Novelli’s senior leaders met with the group to emphasize the function and importance of public relations when entering the U.S. market, and highlighted the agency’s relevant experience and capabilities.

“As China continues to focus on economic expansion, it is exciting to see these companies assess U.S. market opportunities,” said Brad MacAfee, global CEO at Porter Novelli. “It was a true honor to meet with Mr. Shen Guofang and CEOs and leading executives from Chinese companies to share Porter Novelli’s expertise and guidance for market access.”

“The United States and Greater China are not only the two largest economies in the world, but the most flourishing, innovative economic powers which provides tremendous opportunity,” said Albert Chan, managing director at Porter Novelli. Chan added “While it is true that there are differences between the two countries in areas such as business climate, cultural and customer behaviors, and yes, even language, none of these are things that cannot be overcome. Porter Novelli is dedicated to bridging the U.S. and China in their business interactions, helping more China enterprises find their place on the global stage and assisting international companies in their efforts to enter the Chinese market.”

“The leaders of China and the U.S. meeting in early April signaled that the U.S. and China were opening a new chapter in bilateral relations. The two countries will have closer relationships in business, trade and economic development,” said Mr. Guofang. “While at Porter Novelli, we saw a depth of talent, experience and successful methods for enterprises to explore overseas markets and develop the skills needed to be prepare for challenges. I heartily encourage enterprises to explore the myriad of opportunities overseas markets have to offer and discover their own path to success!”

“CASME is dedicated to helping Chinese enterprises develop their business abroad, and is focused on expanding the knowledge and experience these enterprises need to go global,” said Xu. “We were impressed by the insights we heard from Porter Novelli last week.”