Porter Novelli

New services accelerate the growth of Chinese businesses in international markets

Global public relations leader Porter Novelli, embracing its 45th anniversary, today launched China Desk, a new portfolio of market access services to meet the needs of Chinese businesses entering global markets.

Today, more and more China enterprises would like to venture into global markets as well as international companies wanting to break into China. Together, Porter Novelli and the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME), are committed to working with Chinese and international businesses to build their reputations as they expand in their targeted markets.

“China’s contribution to the world economy is evident,” said Brad MacAfee, CEO of Porter Novelli. “Chinese companies have made significant investments in overseas markets. These investments have generated more jobs, faster advances in manufacturing, and higher living standards in China and globally. The mission of China Desk is to work with our Chinese clients to strengthen international reputation and to ensure the success of their international ventures.”

“We are pleased to see the establishment of such a sound platform like China Desk,” said Shen Guofang, Former Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations and Former Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It provides Chinese business with one-stop professional services to help them to explore overseas opportunities under the support of the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiatives.”

“The first Omnicom agency established a presence in China 25 years ago. We are delighted to begin a new chapter in that relationship today,” said Serge Dumont, Vice Chairman of Omnicom Group and Chairman of Omnicom Asia Pacific. “China’s Belt and Road Initiative is allowing us to build on the constantly evolving opportunities presented by this exciting market. Omnicom’s diverse capabilities will ensure that we, and our agencies, continue to grow together with China.”

Porter Novelli China Desk consists of a team of experts from the agency’s global network and trusted third-party advisors dedicated to accelerating the growth of Chinese companies internationally. The four service areas are designed to meet the needs of Chinese companies throughout their international expansion journey in the following ways:

  • Feasibility assessment of international ventures
  • Alignment of business strategy with local industry environments
  • Go-to-market and brand messaging strategy development and delivery
  • Reputation management and crisis simulations

The China Desk global network covers four regions: North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and South America. Senior members of the China Desk are located in Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Brussels, Beijing, Singapore, Sydney, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. Porter Novelli will connect the best and most relevant local opinion leaders and influencers in the four regions with Chinese clients to gain insights, establish relationships, and design and deliver the required go-to-market strategies.

“CASME is very excited to introduce Porter Novelli to our current and potential member companies,” said Xinlei Ren, Executive Vice Chairman, CASME. “Our members will greatly benefit from the guidance and relationships that Porter Novelli can provide to ensure their global success. We look forward to working with Porter Novelli’s exceptional global team.”