Porter Novelli

Against the backdrop of a 24-hour news cycle propelling what seems like a new crisis every week—many of which are sparked online and then ripple outward—Porter Novelli has launched a new real-time specialty to help clients coordinate and negotiate crisis communications in the social media era. Drawing from substantial expertise in traditional crisis communication and digital and social media strategy, Porter Novelli provides clients with real-time response and counsel for all crises and competitive threats.

“Most of the crises we witness today are either fueled by, catalyzed by or could be mitigated by social media,” says Porter Novelli’s CEO Gary Stockman. “And yet many organizations don’t really understand how social media tools can be used to prepare for or alleviate a crisis, much less how they can be used to avoid or recover from crises.

“When companies continue to apply the old methods of acting on threats, they are often left scrambling and out of pace with a highly accelerated media cycle that demands answers in minutes, not days or weeks.”

Porter Novelli’s new Real-time Reputation specialty comprises a fully integrated team of specialists in corporate communications and social media. The group will work with senior corporate communicators to plan for adverse events and move rapidly to manage these events both online and off, employing both conventional and digital strategies to allay possible damage to corporate reputations.

Porter Novelli’s Real-time Reputation specialty will be driven by “Go Teams” of experienced Porter Novelli crisis and social media specialists conducting Vulnerability Audits, Crisis Preparedness, Early Warning Monitoring and Reputation Restoration, all of which enables companies to respond almost immediately to any situation. With a comprehensive arsenal of proprietary digital tools to weigh and gauge both threats and responses – and analyze the weight of the online voices – Porter Novelli provides clients with everything from preemptive communications to programs that restore corporate reputation after an incident.

“Today, how a company responds to a crisis or competitive threat can attract as much notice as the event itself,” Stockman concluded. “Our Real-time Reputation specialty can help organizations manage these events to the best possible outcome – all in an environment that is as fast-moving and unforgiving as we have ever seen.”