Porter Novelli

Staying ahead on measuring ROI is a 24/7 mindset. Porter Novelli’s clients all know the game has moved beyond reach, but how do you meaningfully measure against business outcomes?

Through a proprietary new service developed with key technology partners, Porter Novelli is now offering clients a distinctive advantage in audience analytics: a comprehensive assessment of how brands are perceived and how effectively their messaging is received by a target audience across a broad landscape of social media, online conversation and digital communication. Social Catalytics integrates the most critical components of three best-in-class services into one easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. The final product is an extremely effective and uniquely efficient tool that goes beyond traditional measurement to assess the landscape of opinion, reception and response.

Unique and proprietary, Social Catalytics combines and streamlines the most effective aspects of three different programs:

  • Spredfast optimizes and controls outgoing communication, serving as a content management system for a brand’s owned social, Web and e-mail destinations, creating a nerve center for the social effort.
  • Traackr executes best practices influencer identification for the system, identifying when someone important to the program engages with the brand.
  • Crimson Hexagon uses a sophisticated algorithm to break down the online conversation into meaningful opinions.

“Today, consumers dictate when, where and how they will engage with brands,” says Israel Mirsky, executive vice president, emerging media and technology.  “As such, clients need a comprehensive but simple solution that can analyze, predict, engage and assess influence – all from one interface. Through Social Catalytics, Porter Novelli is offering clients a unique tool to drive the kinds of insights that help transform the beliefs and behaviors of the people who matter most to them.”

For more information or a demonstration of how Social Catalytics can work for you, please contact Israel Mirsky at israel.mirsky@porternovelli.com.