Porter Novelli

NEW YORK, March 14, 2013 – Global public relations leader Porter Novelli announced the introduction of PN Sonar, a proprietary new monitoring and analytics system that captures the entire conversation taking place about a brand or organization – across print, broadcast and digital media – and uses algorithms based on client-specific lexicons to yield immediate and actionable strategic insights.

“PN Sonar is quite unique in the marketplace in that we are capturing and analyzing the totality of the dialogue happening across all traditional and social media, and using both our own team and machine-based processing to drill down to the heart of the conversation,” said Karen van Bergen, CEO, Porter Novelli. “As a result, we can move very rapidly to make strategic recommendations or campaign refinements that will result in immediate and measurable business impact, and put our clients in a position greater than they had been before.”

PN Sonar’s algorithms combine machine learning with human coding to ensure accuracy and scalability. Processed conversation data feeds into customizable dashboards, reporting against clients’ internal success benchmarks and highlighting trends and impact across digital and traditional channels. Clients use PN Sonar to inform strategies, identify burgeoning trends and deliver precise program measurement.

“What makes PN Sonar so extremely valuable is that we are able to customize discrete listening programs on a client-by-client, brand-by-brand basis,” added Joe Shantz, senior vice president, analytics, Porter Novelli. “We work together with our clients to build the lexicon and grammar unique to our client’s business which lets us zero in on what’s really meaningful to consumers. With this information, we can help clients strengthen emotional bonds with consumers, mitigate looming problems, or identify ideas for new products and services. It’s a real-time expansive window into the discussion.”