Porter Novelli

NEW YORK, May 22, 2013 – Global public relations leader Porter Novelli today announced the introduction of PN Influence Modeling, a proprietary offering which brings predictive, scientific rigor to communications program development in order to maximize tactical impact. PN Influence Modeling identifies which combination of content, delivery channels and stakeholders will have the best potential to influence a specific target audience to action.

“Influence is not a one-size-fits-all world. Every piece of information, and every medium – whether traditional or social – has varying degrees of relevance during a journey to action,” said Karen van Bergen, CEO, Porter Novelli. “With PN Influence Modeling, we determine which content will resonate best with the target audience, through which medium and at which point in the decision-making process. Rather than share all content with all influencers, we tailor message to medium to moment – to generate maximum impact.”

Porter Novelli Influencer Modeling combines traditional media monitoring and social listening with advanced statistical techniques to develop a clear understanding of the influence landscape throughout the course of a target audience’s decision-making process.

“Porter Novelli Influence Modeling is a natural combination of our industry-leading expertise in strategic planning and research as well as analytics,” added Loretta Markevics, executive vice president, director, Strategic Planning & Research, Porter Novelli. “What’s so special about our system is that it provides a high-level view of the PR possibilities, and then drills down to an incredible level of exactitude in terms of content dissemination. By knowing exactly where and when to drop information, we can optimize ROI during campaign development, rather than calculate it afterwards.”