Porter Novelli

aim sportsAIM Sports Reputation Management, a specialty offering from global public relations agency Porter Novelli, announced today that it will offer clients PNProtect—a full-service cybersecurity solution from Porter Novelli and Rook Security, a recognized leader in outcome-focused cybersecurity.

As part of the $145 billion global sports industry, universities, professional franchises, conferences and leagues hold valuable and sensitive information about players, fans and partners. This pool of data is a target-rich environment for hackers. Whether it’s gamblers seeking insider information on player health status, rivals looking for a competitor’s coaching strategy or criminal hackers stealing season ticket holder credit card information, sports organizations need to ensure they are protected and prepared in the case of breach.

“PNProtect brings the technical support and insight that every team, front office and university athletic department needs, combined with the expert reputation management counsel that is essential in a crisis,” said Jeff Battcher, cofounder and president, AIM Sports Reputation Management. “This offering puts our clients in the best possible position to respond to and recover from an attack—or even prevent it from happening in the first place.”

“Given its overall size and highly visible nature, as well as the widespread financial resources at stake, we view the sports industry as a significant target for nefarious activities of hackers. The result can be significant damage of both a fiscal and reputational nature,” said J.J. Thompson, CEO, Rook Security. “This offering provides critical protection for sports organizations at all levels, and we’re proud of what we’ve worked hard to develop with Porter Novelli in order to bring PNProtect to sports organizations.

Porter Novelli, AIM and Rook Security work together to provide cybersecurity support for clients in three distinct stages:

Predict, Prevent & Prepare

In an ideal world, organizations are able to identify and address cyber threats before they become full-blown attacks. The offering begins with a reputation audit and analysis of a client’s “threat score.” This score is determined using a proprietary system and in-depth monitoring of the “deep web,” where hackers often operate under the radar. Crisis experts also develop a crisis playbook to guide the company’s response in the event that there is an attack.

Manage & Protect

In the event of an attempted attack or data breach, the offering quickly identifies the source and engages with clients to address the situation in real-time. AIM’s Mobile Crisis Response Platform – an app that includes the playbook and other crisis management tools – support clients who are on the go. Rook’s technical incident responders are also available to augment client IT teams, bringing a wealth of experience in mitigating breach incidents.

Recover & Restore

Porter Novelli and Rook have helped clients manage through a wide variety of complex crises and cybersecurity incidents. Through best-in-class media monitoring and online listening capabilities, PNProtect helps assess an escalating, negative narrative and recommends a strategy for recovery and comeback. In doing so, the potential for long-term reputational harm is minimized.