Privacy Policies


In accordance with that stipulated in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Individuals, herein referred to as “the Law”, the following Privacy Notice is issued, being governed by the following terms:


For the effects of this Privacy Notice, MARTEC S.A. DE C.V., (herein referred to as “MARTEC”), with registered offices in La Fontaine No. 36, Col. Chapultepec Polanco, México, D.F., 11560, is the Party Responsible for obtaining, divulging, storing, using, handling, exploiting and/or disposing of the personal data it collects from its Employees and Potential Candidates (herein referred to as the “Owners”).


The personal data that the Party Responsible gathers from the Owners include, but are not limited to, the following: Name, address, e-mail address, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, proof of address, telephone number, occupation, name of the company where they have been working, economic dependents, spousal information, information about professional development, level of schooling, Taxpayer Identification Number (RFC), Individual Identification Number (CURP), IMSS enrollment letter, social security number and financial data, including salary, account number and the Credit Institution the account is held with, a copy of their voting card, driving license, passport and/or professional license, birth certificate, medical information and religious beliefs, and in the event the applicant is a foreigner, a copy of their passport, immigration forms and documents and visa information. All of this data will be registered in the electronic database system used by the financial system.

Your personal data will be gathered by the following means: personally, via e-mail, by visiting our Internet page, or by means of any publicly-accessible sources permitted by the Law.


The data we gather is used for (i) commencing the hiring process and storing the data provided during the hiring process for possible future recruitment; (ii) in the event that the Owner is an employee of the Responsible Party, complying with any obligations deriving from the working relationship, specifically those employer obligations corresponding to the Responsible Party, such as paying salaries, issuing benefits and drafting contracts of employment, for the purpose of contacting them, for statistical use within the company and for the fulfillment of fiscal obligations, (your financial data will be exclusively used for the fulfillment of the latter); (iii) channeling it to available posts based on their information and on the recruitment processes; (iv) requesting employer and/or education references that validate the information you have provided us regarding your experience, skills and knowledge; (v) contacting you via e-mail or via telephone to inform you of the recruitment process and, if necessary, carrying out any tests that may be deemed necessary to continue said process, including psychometric testing; (vi) in the event that you do not continue with the recruitment process, referring you to a different opening, if and when one is available; (vii) informing you of any issues regarding your request for employment at the company, and executing any necessary and/or indispensable notification and/or activity stemming from the working relationship that is being formalized, if and when necessary; (viii) in terms of medical information, this will only be used and shared in the event that the Owner requires urgent medical attention; and finally (ix) any data referring to religious beliefs are gathered in order to understand the affinity or empathy that the Owners may have with the client profile of the Party Responsible, in order to offer a more understanding and empathetic service to the clients of the Party Responsible.
Furthermore, the personal data gathered may be used by the Party Responsible for the purpose of meeting legal requests made by competent authorities.
MARTEC is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data that you have provided, nor has it verified them; it is only responsible for receiving, registering and saving them. Furthermore, you declare and confirm that you have the express permission of those persons whose personal data you have also provided, such as, by way of an example, spouses, common-law husbands or wives, economic dependents, relatives, etc.


It should be noted that, in accordance with the Law, there are circumstances in which their consent is not necessary when using their personal data, and, as such, the absence or denial of consent, does not and will not impede MARTEC from using it (their personal data) in accordance with the Law and any other applicable regulations


The personal data pertaining to the Owners will be used under the strictest confidentiality, preserving the administrative, physical and technical security measures that the Party Responsible has implemented in its internal security procedures and policies, thus avoiding the possible illegal divulgement of data and limiting their use to that stipulated in this Privacy Notice.


Personal data will not be transferred to third parties, with the exception of transferring data to companies within the same group, public sector entities, in order to ensure the compliance of the legal relationship entered into by the Party Responsible and the Owner, and finally to public entities in the area of medical diagnosis and treatment, in the event of an emergency.


At any time, you or your duly accredited legal representative may exercise your rights to Access, Rectify, in the event that you consider them to be erroneous or inexact, Cancel, in the event that you consider that your personal information is not being used correctly, Oppose, in the event that you do not want your data to be used for specific purposes, and/or Revoke, when it is your wish as the owner of said data that MARTEC no longer use your personal data. Exercising one of these rights does not impede you from exercising another, nor is it a prerequisite for exercising another.
In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, you must contact our Personal Data department at the following e-mail address: [email protected], addressed to the Human Resources Office under Mónica Beatriz Aguilar Fuster and or directly to our address at La Fontaine No. 36, Col. Chapultepec Polanco, México, D.F., 11560., and presenting your ARCO request, which must contain the following information: (i) Name of owner; (ii) domicile and e-mail address to be used when notifying you of the response to your request; (iii) a clear and concise description of the data of which you wish to exercise your corresponding right; (iv) the object of the request; and (v) any element that may facilitate the tracking of your data. You must also attach a copy of your official identification and, if necessary, a document that accredits your legal representation.
The response time will be 20 working days from the day in which the corresponding request to access, rectify, cancel and oppose is received. The response will be communicated within the time period stipulated above via the e-mail address that you provided in your request or by means of a letter sent to the address provided. Once said notification has been received, and if the request is approved, there will be a period of 15 working days for it to be made effective.
You may, at any time, revoke the consent you have given us to use your personal data, and, as such, we will stop using them. To do so, you must present a request in the same terms mentioned above for exercising your ARCO rights. The procedure will be the same as that outlined for exercising your ARCO rights. If your request is approved, your data will no longer be used by MARTEC.


Any change to this Privacy notice will be notified:

  • By means of an Internal Memo.
  • By means of an e-mail we will send you personally.
  • And by means of announcements displayed visibly in the Human Resources area, and/or in the Owners’ workplace.

Furthermore, we would like to inform the Owners that the Privacy Notice may be modified at any time in order to comply with new legislation, as well as the modification of the internal policies of MARTEC.
If the purposes for which your personal data is being used are modified, and in the event it is necessary, your consent will be requested again, be it expressly or tacitly, on a case-by-case basis.


The Owner states that (i) this Notice has been brought to their attention by the Party Responsible and (ii) they have read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined in this Notice, and have given their consent for their Personal Data to be used, signing this Privacy Notice with the following data:


Name and Signature

The Owner’s Contact Data for the purpose of this Notice are:

Telephone Number:
e-mail Address: