Tapping into Canadian pride and created a bespoke collectable crowd-sourced on social media.


iÖGO, owned by Lactalis Canada, is one of Canada’s leading yogurt brands. In 2020 the company launched its “iÖGO Canadian Harvest” line, however two years later it still only represented 11% of sales. There was a clear gap in customer interest and purchase of the product.

Insight + Approach

In order to increase awareness and trial, the brand needed to tap into a commonality between iÖGO and the target audience: a mutual sense of Canadian pride. The strategy was to engage the audience on social (where the audience spends a significant amount of time) and create a bespoke collectible that showcased iÖGO’s brand heritage and purpose of being “from here, for here.” Given yogurt is mostly eaten from a bowl, PN determined a unique yogurt bowl, 100% made in Canada would be the best vehicle for Canadians to show their Canadian pride. They could try the yogurt first-hand with the opportunity to win the collectable item through a social media contest.

PN engaged a local Canadian artist, Jess Chen, to hand-craft the bowls. In order to determine the look and feel, we went to social media and asked Canadians to vote on the themes that resonated with them through paid and organic content in both French and English.  Once the bowls were created using Canadians’ feedback, we encouraged Canadians to enter for a chance to win one of the bespoke bowls along with a free full-size product trial coupon.


The social campaign was successful, seeing a 205% increase in contest entries (above goal) and it even helped garner impressive market share growth for the brand!

•+18% volume market share vs. the previous year

•6,000+ contest entries

•20.3% engagement rate with over 400K organic impressions

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