Potential and Action

Diabetes is an invisible, often misunderstood disease. Because of this, some people living with diabetes choose not to wear an insulin pump or glucose monitor, because it’s not considered “normal” in society. To normalize diabetes technology, Porter Novelli, in partnership with Insulet and Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), leveraged the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and created a diabetes-themed island and outfits that feature insulin pumps within the game, taking inspiration from the diabetes community, leading advocacy groups, and gamers. Our goal was to increase diabetes inclusion in mainstream culture by creating a new way for the community to connect and celebrate representation.


The launch of Omnipod Bay not only garnered over 11 million earned impressions across 39 placements but, more significantly, resonated deeply with diabetes patients. A staggering 94% of individuals with type 1 diabetes emphasized the importance of accurate diabetes representation in culture and society. However, within the last year, 51% mentioned rarely or never encountering such representation. This partnership not only increased awareness for the often-misunderstood disease but also elevated the diabetes conversation in pop culture.

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