Expertly executed PR offers the most effective way of unlocking a brand’s potential. And creating buzz. Here’s how Porter Novelli creates and executes provocative work that drives meaningful engagement, bolsters brand affinity, and ultimately moves the business.

We pull people into meaningful brand conversations.

Advertising can be very effective at pushing product benefits. But today’s complex consumer and media landscape demands more: we need to pull people into conversations by acknowledging their unique needs and motivations. We have to make the things they want to see, not what they’re forced to (because of big paid media spends). Engaged consumers also want to know how a brand aligns with their values. They want to know what’s in it for them.

We ask the questions that matter.

The litmus test for any PR campaign can be distilled into three key questions: Will the audience care? Will it give them value? Will it move them to think differently and get them to act? The answer to all three must be a resounding yes. The best work gives audiences incredible value – that can range from things like information, education, access, entertainment, etc.

We’re not in the business of creating “customers.”

Our creative philosophy at Porter Novelli is simple: create as much value for our target audience as possible. This means transcending beyond the transaction of seeing an ad and then (maybe) buying. Instead, it’s about engaging and empowering audiences and then turning them into advocates for the brand.

We empower our audiences.

Case in point: Insulet. Porter Novelli was tasked with driving visibility for Omnipod, the company’s tubeless insulin pump, and an industry first. We learned that people with diabetes often feel underrepresented, so we responded with another first: a video game featuring characters with type 1 diabetes. The game was revealed in a livestream event that benefitted diabetes research and was played by Twitch content creators living with type 1 diabetes. It was a powerful moment of convergence for branding, representation, and philanthropy.

We do the unexpected.

Another example of provocative creativity was to mark the important milestone of T-Mobile covering 300 million people with its leading, nationwide 5G network. Was it through a press conference or news conference? Nope. Instead, we raised a metaphorical glass in celebration, by partnering with two branded beverages to commemorate the occasion: an Ultra Capacity 5Gin and an Extended Range 5Ginger Beer. Did it work? Well, Jimmy Fallon spent over a minute talking about it in his monologue. And Ryan Reynolds engaged in a light-hearted Twitter “war” warning us not to encroach on his booze business.

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