Reflecting on IPCC’s “final warning” on climate change this March, amidst growing resistance from the political right against regulating or assessing businesses on ESG lines, it feels like an incredibly anxious time for those concerned by these issues and hoping to see society step up to the needs of the moment. And looking beyond climate change, to issues of, the appropriation of the term “wokeness” as a political campaigning tool brings a sense of heaviness and noisiness that can easily overshadow rational conversation. 

At times like these, it is imperative for organisations to keep connected to how internal audiences and external stakeholders are feeling and lead with compassion. For our team, inspired by latest wellbeing trend, we’ve been boosting our reserves by looking for “glimmers” – pockets of positive progress which remind us that regardless of what we read in the news, there are countless citizens, investors, companies and policy makers rising to the needs of the moment. 

While it is impossible to ignore the intensity of the current cultural climate and the urgency of the work required, we hope you will find this report restorative, as well as informative. 

You can access the full report here:

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