Pedigree Adoptame

Potential and Action

To position Pedigree® as the brand that leads adoption and animal welfare efforts in Mexico and to promote Pedigree Adoptame® as the biggest adoption program that supports, trains and brings together more organizations focused on rescue and animal protection in the country. For the first time Pedigree Adoptame® was going to extend their experience with dog’ shelters outside their network in an event where responsible adoption was the main cause. To give continuity to “Feed the good”, we replicated the social initiative where sharing pet paws through social media counted for a donation of 70 pounds of dog food (double the goal at Feeding the good) and we included an additional activity, 20 influencers sponsored dogs that were waiting for a second chance, so we could sensitize media and pet lovers about the importance to adopt and to approach dog’ shelters that fulfill effective adoptions. Thanks to the buzz generated, both in traditional media outlets and social media, Adoptafest became the Mexico´s biggest  pet adoption event and for second time Pedigree became trending topic, but this time through two hashtags #Adoptafest and #QuienSalvaAQuien (Who rescued who).


  • Almost 20 digital influencers joining the cause as a good will act
  • More than 35 media outlets attending to the previous round table and to Adoptafest event
  • 245 notes on traditional media, print, web, television and radio
  • 122 million people were impacted and reached
  • 34 million digital impacts
  • Ad Equivalence for $361,339.52 USD
  • 520 pet’s adoption requests during the event
  • #QuiénSalvaAQuién and #Adoptafest become national and local trending topic for two consecutive days
  • We collected 36 thousand paws on Instagram and Twitter to donate 70 tons of Pedigree® to 44 shelters

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