Abercrombie & Fitch

Potential and Action

With new CEO Fran Horowitz at the helm, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (A&F Co.) was shedding its past “bad boy” image, transitioning from being mean, cliquey, and exclusive to a stance that was passionately inclusive and decidedly customer-centric. Under Fran’s leadership, the enterprise built a track record of supporting LGBTQ+ and women in the workplace, fostering a strong sense of purpose across individual brands in the portfolio. Porter Novelli was tasked with developing a strategy to distinguish the enterprise in the marketplace, elevate the importance of their brands in consumers’ lives, and instill pride in the organization. We engaged with hundreds of associates globally, incorporating employee feedback and input at every step to articulate a purpose that was authentic, relevant, and resonant with their customers.


The enterprise purpose – “to be here for you on your journey to being and becoming who you are” – is more than just a marketing tagline; it is operationalized across every brand. This commitment extends to partnerships, philanthropy, product development, and marketing. Whether Fran articulates it on Wall Street or it’s evident in advertising campaigns and new product launches, the purpose resonates deeply. Most importantly, it holds significant meaning for their associates. A&F Co. is genuinely living its purpose.

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