Bridging two distinct audiences through foodie-centric content

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It is estimated that as many as 4% of Canadians have severe food allergies, and anaphylactic reactions can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s so important for Pfizer’s EpiPen brand to continue educating Canadians on severe allergy safety and preparedness – especially with their two main (and distinct) target audiences: Dr. Mom and adult males.

Insight + Approach

Against the backdrop of the popular “foodie” culture in Canada, Porter Novelli knew food was a conduit to reach both Dr. Moms and males via highly shareable, practical, educational content on popular blogs and social media. We identified MasterChef Canada finalist Thea Vanherwaarden (and severe allergy sufferer) as a home cook spokesperson who would resonate with the Dr. Mom audience and engaged existing EpiPen spokesperson and NASCAR driver Alex Tagliani (new dad to a daughter with severe allergies) to reach the adult male audience.

Pfizer supported patient advocacy group Food Allergy Canada (FAC) in collaboration with Thea in creating three recipes that do not contain top allergens. During Food Allergy Awareness month, Thea alongside her guest “sous chef” Alex Tagliani, prepared the recipes at an event demonstration featuring a group of bloggers and dietitians. 


•Secured 11 attending bloggers and media

•2.2 million traditional media impressions resulted from news coverage in parenting and lifestyle outlets

•3.9 million social media impressions were garnered from the event, recipes, etc.

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